What are Dehydrasomes?

We use Certified Organic Dehydrasomes to deliver phospholipids which attract water, locking in moisture to rehydrate and plump the skin. Organic DehydraSomes consist of certified organic phospholipids that are dispersed in biomimetic Certified Organic sunflower oil.

How do Dehydrasomes work?

When Dehydrasomes are applied to the skin, the hydrophilic portions of the phospholipids naturally migrate to hydrophilic environments where they assemble into a multivesicular system. The moisture in our skin causes these vesicles to swell and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Because the vesicles penetrate the stratum corneum and bind with the moisture present, they can inhibit trans‐epidermal water loss (TEWL) to increase moisturisation.

The Dehydrasomes also enhance the delivery of the botanical active extracts (we have chosen to incorporate Acai and Goji Berry Extracts for their strong antioxidant a critical ingredient for the health and appearance of your skin).

The mineral Silica is used as the Delivery System for the Dehydrasomes due to it’s fine particle size. This mineral is critical for strong and healthy skin. It helps build collagen // smooths fine lines // heals inflammation // renews cells.

What are Phospholipids?dehydrasomes in skincare

Phospholipids are comprised of two types of fatty acid. That puts them in the lipid family, a broad group of naturally-occurring molecules which includes fats, waxes, sterols, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A, D, E and K). The main biological functions of lipids include energy storage, as structural components of cell membranes, and as important signaling molecules.

Phospholids are described as having heads and tails, the ‘head’ of a phospholipid is hydrophilic [attracted to water], while the hydrophobic ‘tails’ repel water. This means that they attract water and hold on to it. Hello moisturizer!

The heads and tails organize themselves into bio-layers that gives them a structure similar to that of skin. Because of this it is said that products that contain them have an affinity with the skin and high tolerance. Phospholipids retain their structure when applied and because of this is sometimes called a “second skin”.

Extracts incorporated into our Dehydrasomes

LECITHIN [from soya beans] helps to:

  • Penetration Enhancer: It alters the skin structure allowing other substances to penetrate deeper.
  • Antioxidant: It helps to repair free radical damage, soothing inflamed, irritated skin.
  • Hydrophilic ingredient: It attracts water to the skin, working to prevent moisture loss from deep within the skin tissues.
  • Moisturising: It is very moisturising, which is due to its high levels of oleic and linoleic acid.


  • Ferulic acid – A potent antioxidant Research has shown that it provides antioxidant benefits to skin while enhancing the stability of topical applications of antioxidant vitamins C and E
  • Epicatechin – Also a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties
  • In vitro research has shown açai has higher antioxidant properties than other berries.


  • Glycoconjugates – Found in Goji Berries act as an Antioxidant and offers Photoprotection properties
  • Glycoconjugates – Have a low molecular weight and, therefore, they can easily penetrate skin
  • Polysaccharides – Studies have shown have antioxidant activities comparable to those of vitamin C

We have incorporated Certified Organic Dehydrasomes [Acia & Goji Berries] into – Our Hero [face] product launching 2019, to take advantage of the ability to enhance cellular renewal while simultaneously optimising skin hydration levels and delivering potent antioxidants.

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